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About Jim

My mission is to develop world-class organizations, using a strengths-based approach, to help companies maximize profitability, attract and retain the best talent, and deliver industry-leading performance.

With a background in leading production and engineering operations, designing and executing strategic plans, team leadership, performance management, and employee career development, my experience brings a real-world perspective to organizational development, executive coaching, and leadership training. I have successfully transformed cultures, built sustainable leadership networks, and coached clients to consistently deliver outstanding results.

I’ve logged hundreds of hours of coaching and delivered over thousands of hours of training to bring out the very best in people, create highly engaged teams, and achieve top-tier performance for my clients to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. By focusing on natural talent and strengths, leaders learn how to push their boundaries, maximize their peoples’ potential, and achieve exceptional goals. 

Having proudly served as a US Army Ranger, Company Commander, and Infantry Officer, I thrive in a high-stakes environment where successful performance leads to meaningful impact, and know how to coach others to perform under pressure.

My CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes – Futuristic | Strategic | Activator | Command | Significance

Builder Profile 10 Themes - Selling |  Delegator | Disruptor | Confidence

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