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Professional development that fits our busy lives

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Join the community today! 

You'll have access to summaries of the best-selling books in business, leadership, and personal development, allowing you to stay on top of the latest thought leadership in less than 15 minutes per week.

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Thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and business coaches trust us to help them stay on top of the biggest business ideas, decide which books they want to invest their time in, and engage their teams in learning.

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This weekly Masterclass is for growth-minded leaders who want to advance their careers, expand their networks, and solve problems by taking actions. If this sounds like you, the Leadership Development MasterClass can help.

You will receive the meeting link when you register. See you there!

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Experience rapid professional development in nine minutes per week. Learn new skills, create accountability, and celebrate growth!

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Build stronger, more resilient teams with higher with team engagement and overall wellbeing with the WeTree App. Creating a culture of authentic connection creates happier, more engaged, supportive, purpose-driven, more productive and healthier teams.

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