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Build key partnerships and achieve success faster with strengths coaching


By understanding your natural talents, you can find the best company and job for you. With the help of the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment. We will help you focus your search and communicate your strengths to have a highly successful interview.


Lets tune up your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. We help you navigate the applicant tracking systems and get your name in front of the hiring manager.


Make sure you get paid what you deserve. Effectively communicate your value, negotiate pay, bonus, and benefits, and create a win-win for you and your company!

Prepare for Success on Day One!
The most important relationship at work is between an employee and their manager. Create a plan to successfully navigate your onboarding and career transition, which leads to long term success.

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Jim is designing custom courses for our manufacturing plants. Our employees love the content! He took some truly boring, complex topics and gamified them and made them easy to understand.

He was very easy to work with, delivered everything early, and giving us many more hours than we paid for.

I’ve participated in several of Jim’s training/coaching sessions; he’s incredibly talented in Change Management, High Performing Teams and Gallup Strengths!

Jim has also provided some of my previous teams training/coaching in the past and those folks are soaring in their career as well. It’s fair to say Jim is a part of what has made me successful; I plan to continue seeking him out and I highly recommend him to anyone, from the ground floor, to the CEO!

Jamie Librot

Jay Roderick

Jim provided excellent individual coaching for me on strengths training that has helped me find ways to leverage my strengths.

His insight on how to refocus strengths such as command from being forceful to being more collaborative and influencing others. Jim also provided the strengths training for my team and the feedback from them was that this was very insightful and it helped them understand the concepts of the strengths training. 

Once the team started putting these concepts to work they have been working more closely together and leveraging each others strengths to become a more effective and productive team. Overall Jim's coaching has been a positive experience. He has helped me refine my managerial style and contributed to my team becoming more engaged and influencing a positive work environment.

Working with Jim has been a wonderful experience and we are lucky to have him at our organization. Jim and I met during a very exciting and chaotic time in my professional career. He took the time to sit with me, more than once, to break down my strengths and discuss possible ways I could apply them directly. When I questioned one strength as negative, Jim quickly showed me many different ways highlighting the positively it brings to me as a whole. This was a my "Ah-ha!" moment.

Jim's knowledge and guidance aided in my successfully navigating through a very busy and overwhelming time. My career and confidence has benefited greatly thanks to his coaching.

Misha Cook

Kelly S.

Jim is very passionate about what he does and it comes through in his coaching and training. He has help my group elevate their understanding of their strengths and how they can apply them to meet the business objectives. His examples of how to apply these and his in depth knowledge of the subject is part of his strength. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for coaching from someone who has been there and done that. Thank you Jim for all your support!

Jim is one of those people everyone in the office feels comfortable talking to. He not only helped me recognize what my strengths were but also how to use them to my advantage. I always knew I had an affinity for numbers and when Jim found out my top Gallup strength was Analytical he coached me on how to apply that to my work and my productivity shot through the roof! I couldn't have done it without him. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for a coach.

Marc C.

Russell B.

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Find success through career coaching

This may include:
People who have been laid off.
People who have been fired.
People who have voluntarily quit.
People who are employed, but looking

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