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Get actionable feedback from your team in under 10 minutes!

You can have meaningful engagement data from your team, in ways you can directly impact, and you can take action to improve performance in under two weeks!


Improve engagement at the source! No more long drawn out meetings and committees. By defining the right outcomes and focusing on the right areas, managers can create more impact in less time using this simple framework.


Highly engaged teams are 10% more productive, have 9% higher sales, and higher customer satisfaction scores. 

Focused action can deliver improvements in just weeks. 


The average cost to replace an employee who leaves is 1.5x his/her salary. Improving engagement can save millions in recruiting fees, productivity loss, and reduce team stress.


Priorities change rapidly. Waiting months for results from a company's annual engagement survey leads to stale data and poor decisions. This program will empower teams to take action, become part of the solution, and get results right away.

Employee Engagement: Services
Sat on the Rocks


Every Program Includes

A custom program kickoff communication plan

Administration of Gallup’s Q12 Survey for your team (up to 15 people)

Team manager debrief meeting with an expert to review your results

An action plan to increase engagement right away

Employee Engagement: Services


All of the insights were timely, contextual and immediately applicable. My team and I have gotten great returns in a short timeframe from the small investment I made. I would highly recommend Jim and the his team.

Emeka, Vice President of Operations

Jim did a great job drawing out the challenges I was facing and provided tools and insights that greatly enhanced my ability to get off to a strong start. If you're looking for a good resource to help you bring out your A-game, give him a call!

Dave, Global Account Executive

Jim has help my group elevate their understanding of their strengths and how they can apply them to meet the business objectives. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for coaching from someone who has been there and done that.

Mark, Engineering Director

Your team can have similar results. Unlock your potential today!

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On Your Marks


Some managers get stuck on waiting for the exact right time.

The fact is, there will never be a perfect time.

What is important is to get a pulse on the team as it is today. 

And then see the progress over time

Facing the reality of the team and taking action gets results now.

Don’t wait until the time is perfect. 

In fact, research shows the longer a leader waits, the more performance suffers.

Employee Engagement: Services
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