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Managers and front line leaders are the backbone of modern business. We equip managers with researched-based tools and processes to build confidence, effectively lead their teams, and get the results your business needs.

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Gallup research shows that employee engagement can double when leaders leverage the strengths of their people. This program will equip your leaders with the knowledge and materials to maximize human performance and create world-class organizations through strengths.

We begin with a pre-meeting to discuss your specific objectives. The program is tailored to meet your schedule and the goals for your leaders.

All participants will receive the CliftonStrengths® assessment, Strengthsfinder 2.0 e-book, and access to online learning modules.  


Only 34% of the US workforce is engaged in their work. Your company can double that number.

This program helps managers discover a simple framework to measure and unlock the potential of their teams. With a focus on learning through application, managers at all levels discover how to boost employee engagement through the meetings and conversations they already have.

We begin with a baseline assessment of your organizations engagement. Using this feedback, we train your managers to understand the key factors which truly drive employee engagement higher, and empower them with the information and tools to make it happen. Every team will build an engagement action plan to connect engagement to performance outcomes. 

The program includes baseline and follow up engagement surveys using the Gallup Q12®, and all participants will complete the CliftonStrengths® assessment. 

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No matter what type of changes your organization will face, people experience predictable stages of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

This half-day workshop teaches participants what to expect in each stage, and actions to take to move themselves, and then help others navigate changes at work or in life.

Empower the individuals and teams in your company to constructively move through resistance, successfully adapt, integrate and sustain change for long term benefit.

An additional half-day workshop on Leading Change provides leaders with a toolkit to lead change in their organization, applying what they discover in the first half to manage organizational changes. All participants will receive a quick reference card and access to the leading change toolkit. 


Are you looking to fill your talent pipeline? How many succession candidates are ready to step up? Improve retention, employee development, and overall performance using this program. 

Participants in this full-day workshop discover various type of career development options and dispels the myth that development = promotion. They will learn how to write SMART goals, gain access to new development resources, and follow the 70/20/10 principle to professional development. Each participant will finish the course with their own individual development plan for the upcoming year.  

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All of our coaching clients are eligible for a one year subscription to, the #1 book summary service for entrepreneurs, executives,and business coaches.

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